Creatively Lost Macarons

artisan, hand-made macarons.

Berlin, Germany

french meringue,bold flavors, and quality controlled through small-batch bakes, my macarons are created through daily inspiration.

From classic French recipes such as French vanilla buttercream, to bolder, American inspired flavors like brown butter pecan or peppermint bark, my creations are seasonal and finely curated. With so many combinations of flavors, colors, holidays, and seasons, I almost never make the same cookie twice!

baking and food art is my outlet for creativity. delighting my friends and community with them has become tradition.


these flavors are crowd favorites
select one of these or collaborate with me on a new one!

Items with are seasonal.


sea salt caramel

homemade sea salt caramel with dark chocolate ganache.

peppermint bark

white chocolate peppermint ganache + dark chocolate peppermint ganache.

vanilla bourbon

classic, smooth, and boozy.

white macademia nut

toasted macademia nuts folded into white chocolate ganache.


cream cheese frosting with pistachios.

matcha green tea

matcha green tea custard and ganache.

creme brulee

real creme brulee in the center!

pumpkin caramel

real pumpkin flavors this caramel cookie.


raspberry ganache

popping raspberry with white chocolate.

mango coconut

mango juice with coconut milk and white chocolate.

strawberry ganache

need we say more?

passionfruit ganache

my girls can't get enough of this one.

coconut fudge

coconut milk, white chocolate, and coconut flakes.

lemon curd

lemon curd and buttercream.

banana's foster

banana cinamon folded in caramel with buttercream.

orange chocolate

orange marmalade and dark chocolate ganache.

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individual orders

One box of 7 - €21
(single variety)

choose flavors from the menu above or inquire about special flavors and colors! perfect for a personalized gift.

Two boxes of 7 - €30
(single variety)

double the pleasure, double the fun.

Two boxes of 7 - €40
(two varieties)

choose your colors or flavors. ask about collection boxes - available seasonally!

order of 25 - €50
(up to two varieties )

party or gathering? a whole batch is right for you!

order of 35 (three varieties) - €60
(up to three varieties)

for the people you want to impress the most

cakes & towers

small tower - €80
(approx. 25 cookies, two varieties)

towers can be requested in a variety of flavors and colors and are decorated with flowers and other accoutrement! great for small parties.

large tower - €145
(approx. 50 cookies, 3-4 varieties)

the big kahuna! suitable for larger parties

macaron cake - €65
(only a single flavor possible)

perfect for birthdays and celebrations!


Contact me on Instagram (@creativelylostmacarons) to order!

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