Heather Dannyelle

Origin: Los Angeles, CA

What drives Heather most is not the pursuit of a singular skill or a career, but rather the satisfaction of achieving a goal. And the goals that are of deepest interest to her are the ones that promote compassion, understanding, and equity. From an early age, Heather was encouraged to pursue engineering and science. And while those fields intrigued her in their ability to challenge her as a problem solver and analyst, she found that the problems in her lab were not the ones that motivated her personally. After some time working as a Senior Consultant for IBM’s Cognitive Suite, then traveling and writing freelance, Heather landed in Berlin to pursue her Master’s in Public Policy. On the way she learned a thing or two. Her next immediate goal is to pursue a position as a policy advisor for policy makers or join in research at a prominent policy lab.

The Hertie School
Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelors of Science
Materials Science & Engineering
Engineering & Public Policy

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